Union Nogentaise de Manutention

Union Nogentaise de Manutention

We reiterate: our concept is that of a general operator: with transport, stevedoring and management of the “Port de l’Aube” with the UNM company.

  • The port/logistics platform has a total area of 7,3 Hectares
  • Equipped for the stevedoring of both bulk cargoes and containers
  • Outdoor stockpiling of bulk products (minerals and aggregates), and covered warehousing for dry bulk storage.
  • Loading / unloading (with a tilter) and stockpiling of containers
  • Truck weighting system
  • Road haulage washing station (certified “Qualimat/GMP+”)

The port opened for business in September 2011 with bulk cargoes: Bauxite, vermiculite, sand, aggregates and coal. Since entering service, tonnages attained are approximately 10.000 to 20.000 tons per month.

We started the container activity in March 2013 and we move about 150 TEU per month.

We are planning a river container shuttle line of 60 TEU on 2 layers, from Nogent sur Seine to Gennevilliers, with regular departures every Friday for a transshipment every Monday at Paris Terminal, in bigger barges, leaving on the same day to Le Havre (as export). For import, loading will take place on every Monday at Le Havre, for transshipment on Wednesday in Gennevilliers, and an arrival on Thursday evening in Nogent sur Seine.

The harbor of Nogent sur Seine is the furthest point attainable by waterway from Le Havre and Rouen, serving an impressively large hinterland.

That’s why UNM, and also the other private harbors of Nogent sur Seine, are preferred partners of “HAROPA”: an EIG (Economic Interest Group) which promotes the common interests of the 3 harbors of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris on the global scene. That makes Nogent sur Seine the interface of the neighbouring departments (The Aube, Champagne, Yonne, Marne, Côte d’Or) with the whole world and vice versa.