Business activity

Our business activity

Originally, we were a pan-European charterer with a 75 % international and 25 % inland transport turnover. Since the crisis, we have, for market reasons, totally inverted our business activity and our turnover currently consists of about 75 % inland and 25 % European business.

AVRG is a trading company of GIOCANTI.
Therefore we have 2 agencies. One based in “Nogent sur Seine” and the other in “L’Ardoise” on the Rhône : 75 % of their activity is on the Seine and 25 % on the Rhône.

Since the last trimester of 2014, we are improving our foreign activity. We can charter vessels from France to Belgium/ Netherlands/ Germany and vice versa. We also supply foreign inland shipping transport, especially in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany which represents approximately 25 % of the “Nogent sur Seine” office’s activity.